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Ditsy Daisy Hawk - The Dolls Product Lines Series

Ditsy Daisy Hawk is the 3rd oldest of the 11 children in the Hawk family and most assuredly the "ditsiest" of all the Hawk's eleven children. You can hardly blame her given she was born after the twins - Tom A. Hawk and Toni E. Hawk. Growing up just behind those mischievous two was anything but easy. For a long time she bore the brunt of their jokes.

Ditsy Daisy Hawk is an 8" squared bottomed self-standing wool felt softie doll. She has a 1/2 white felt and 1/2 dark purple felt body. Her face is outlined and embroidered and she has large satin stitched eyes. Her nose is pointy and embroidered as is her mouth, eyelashes and eyebrows. She has pink blushed cheeks.

Ditsy Daisy Hawk has a mass of burgundy hair along the side seams of her head with the back of her head left bald. She is wearing her favorite light purple felt shirt with matching felt collar and favorite light pink felt vest. A matching light pink felt bow looks wonderful under her chin.  She has four light pink bows in her hair.

Ditsy Daisy Hawk has had more than her fair share of pranks pulled on her by her older siblings and was ecstatic when she learned she was going to have a younger brother. Little did she know what a rascal he would be.

Ditsy Daisy Hawk's E-Pattern

“Ditsy Daisy Hawk”, 8” Softie Wool Felt Doll E-Pattern - The Egg Muff Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner

Ditsy Daisy Hawk's "It's Raining Doll Parties Product Gallery" Products

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