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The Hawk Family Group - The Dolls Product Lines Series

Over the years Mr. and Mrs. Hawk's family has grown to eleven so Tom A. Hawk and Toni E. Hawk have a lot of brothers and sisters to play jokes on. With one short of a dozen the Hawk's thought it would be a good time to introduce them all to you.

Ditsy Daisy Hawk is the 3rd oldest and most assuredly the "ditsiest" of all the Hawk's. The 4th oldest is Dapper Devil Shamus Hawk and he is, well, a bit of a devil. He has a wicked sense of humor - in true Hawk fashion. The 5th oldest is Penelope Pinhead Hawk and she is every bit as lovely as as she is a pinhead. Common sense is not in her vocabulary.

The 3 middle children are Wild Irish Rose Hawk, Tangerine Lilly Hawk, and Henrietta Hawk. Wild Irish Rose Hawk is a "wild child" who is as carefree as she is wild. Tangerine Lilly Hawk takes after her father Tom A. Hawk. If someone is pulling a prank on someone else Lilly is the first person suspected. Henrietta is a little on the timid side and is always being taken by surprise.


The "babies" of the Hawk family are Devilish Cousin Andy Hawk, Cousin Reginald Reggie Pinhead Hawk, and Cousin Hillary's Secret Hawk. They are a trio of mischievous cousins that try their Aunt Nancy Dew Drops patience at times. After baby sitting them for a few hours Aunt Nancy has a migraine and has to go home to rest. That's when she leaves the baby sitting to Spike A Peek and that might actually be her mistake as he tends to put ideas into the mischievous cousins little heads. He is an "Egg Muff" after all.

The Hawk Family's "It's Raining Doll Parties Product Gallery" Products

It's Raining Doll Parties The Hawk Family Products
It's Raining Doll Parties The Hawk Family Products
by Linda Walsh

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