Friday, June 13, 2014

Henrietta Hawk - New Handmade Softie Doll E-Pattern

The 3 middle children are Wild Irish Rose Hawk, Tangerine Lilly Hawk, and Henrietta Hawk.   Henrietta is a little on the timid side and is always being taken by surprise.

Henrietta Hawk is an 7" squared bottomed self-standing wool felt softie doll. She has a 1/2 white felt and 1/2 dark pink felt body. Her face is outlined and embroidered and she has large black bead eyes. Her nose is cutesy and embroidered as is her mouth, eyelashes and eyebrows. She has pink blushed cheeks and mouth.

Henrietta Hawk has a mass of burgundy roving hair and an adorable dark pink felt bow on the top of her head. She is wearing her favorite light pink felt shirt with matching felt collar and favorite dark pink felt vest. A matching dark pink felt bow adds charm to her outfit.

Henrietta always looks startled and unsure what's going to happen next.  She doesn't know if she should run and hide, jump in,or tattle on her brothers and sisters.

Each of the Hawk Family members have their own graphics which are included on their products gallery line,  cut and sew doll fabrics line and custom fabric line.

For  more information on Henrietta Hawk's graphics product lines please CLICK HERE.

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