Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Sneaks Family Custom Pillows Free E-Pattern For Creating 13" By 13" and 14" By 14" Pillows

You never know what is going to happen over at the "Sneaks Family" house.

The boys could be playing baseball or just plain horsing around.  So, it wouldn't be surprising if you saw pillows flying through the air.  When the boys get to rough housing anything is fair game - even the pillows.

The "Sneaks" love their custom fabric pillows and thought you might like to make some of your own. So, they designed a free e-pattern to show you how.

This pattern shows you how to make 4 different pillows: two pillows that are 13” by 13” (C and D) and two pillows that are 14” by 14” (A and B).  All pillows are made basically the same except for the finished embroidery stitches on the 13” by 13” pillows.

The pillows are made from the following custom fabric designs:

A) Fat Quarter Sneaks Family Baseball Fabric 1 - Slammin Ryan Sneaks -
B) Fat Quarter Sneaks Family Baseball Fabric 4 - Stealin Base Devin Sneaks -
C) Fat Quarter Sneaks Family Baseball Fabric 3 - Home Run Brian Sneaks -
D) Fat Quarter Sneaks Family Baseball Fabric - Nicholas Fast Ball Sneaks -

The "Sneaks" hope you like their free e-pattern and enjoy making your own pillows.

To view and download my free e-pattern please CLICK HERE. You'll be brought to Google Drive where you can view our free e-pattern. Then just download our free .pdf e-pattern by clicking on the down arrow in the top center.