Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Home Run Brian Sneaks Products - The Dolls Product Lines Series

"Home Run Brian Sneaks" only wants to get a home run. And, he doesn't really care how he goes about doing that. Stealing base, bunting, hitting it out of the park. It doesn't matter if it's him or his teammate who gets him to home base just as long as he gets there. He just loves the thrill of running over home plate.

"Home Run Brian Sneaks" is an 8" cloth and sneaker boy doll from The Sneaker Series.  He has a cloth head with an embroidered face. His face is outline embroidered and he has huge blue, black and white satin stitched embroidered eyes. His eyelids are satin stitched with cream embroidery floss. His nose is back stitched embroidered as are his moouth, eyelashes and eyebrows.   His cheeks are blushed pink. He has curly blond yarn hair under his blue cap.

He likes to wear his sneakers facing forward and his head facing forward in order to hit that ball out of the park for a "home run." And, of course, he always carried his favorite bat with him.


“Home Run Brian Sneaks”, 8” Country Boy Doll E-Pattern - The Sneaker Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner

Home Run Brian Sneaks Party Products

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Custom Fabric Designs

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The Sneaks Family Custom Pillows Free E-Pattern For Creating 13" By 13" and 14" By 14" Pillows

You never know what is going to happen over at the "Sneaks Family" house.

The boys could be playing baseball or just plain horsing around.  So, it wouldn't be surprising if you saw pillows flying through the air.  When the boys get to rough housing anything is fair game - even the pillows.

The "Sneaks" love their custom fabric pillows and thought you might like to make some of your own. So, they designed a free e-pattern to show you how.

The "Sneaks" hope you like their free e-pattern and enjoy making your own pillows.

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