Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Sneaks Family Products - The Dolls Product Lines Series

It's always a wild and crazy scene at the "Sneaks Family" house with four young boys running around. Four young boys would be bad enough, but four young boys consisting of two sets of fraternal twins with one set aged 7 and the other set aged 8 - well, that's just plain crazy.

While the "Sneaks Family" of two sets of fraternal twins are not physically identical they do bear enough of a similar physical appearance that it is hard at times to tell them apart.

"Slammin Ryan Sneaks" and "Stealin Base Devin Sneaks" are the fraternal twins age 7. "Nicholas Fast Ball Sneaks" and "Home Run Brian Sneaks" are the fraternal twins age 8. If you can tell any of them apart we congratulate you.

So, while they are a little bit different physically that's where the difference ends. They are identical in likes, dislikes, energy levels, attitudes, intelligence, and strength. They are all highly intelligent boys who just love to rough house and play their favorite sport - baseball.

It's always a wild and crazy scene at the "Sneaks Family" house with four young boys running around so you can imagine how excited they are by the release of their e-patterns, custom fabric, custom gift wrap and birthday party products. They can't sit down.

"The Sneaks Family" has it's own line of adorable graphics, custom fabric designs, custom gift wrap and party products. Each of the boys have their own line of graphics, custom fabric designs and party products.

The Sneaks Family Party Products

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Custom Fabric Designs

The Sneaks Family Custom Pillows Free E-Pattern For Creating 13" By 13" and 14" By 14" Pillows

You never know what is going to happen over at the "Sneaks Family" house.

The boys could be playing baseball or just plain horsing around.  So, it wouldn't be surprising if you saw pillows flying through the air.  When the boys get to rough housing anything is fair game - even the pillows.

The "Sneaks" love their custom fabric pillows and thought you might like to make some of your own. So, they designed a free e-pattern to show you how.

The "Sneaks" hope you like their free e-pattern and enjoy making your own pillows.

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