Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Dolls Products Lines Series - Spike A Peek - The Egg Muffs

"Nancy Dew Drop"and "Spike A Peek"  are members of the "Egg Muff Series" of cloth dolls.

They are a fun loving group of dolls that love to sneak around and maybe, every once in awhile, drop in unexpectedly.

You might find them peeking around a corner, peeking over the windowsill, peeking through a keyhole in a door, or sneaking into your room. You just never know.

Sometimes you might just catch a glimpse of their eyes and hair as they try to sneak a peek. If you listen carefully, you might even hear them laughing, even chuckling away.

Sometimes you might even catch them doing a little jig. You just never know what they may do.

They love to laugh. They love to have fun. But, most of all they love to play hide and peek! No, not hide and seek! Hide and peek!

"Spike A Peek" is a 10" square bottomed self-standing country and cottage cloth doll. He has a 1/2 muslin body and 1/2 corduroy body. His face is embroidered with black and white satin stitched eyes, pink cheeks, and a raised nose. His eyebrows are embroidered as are his eyelashes.

Spike has a mass of thick dark gray yarn hair on the very top of his head with the back and sides of his head left bald.

He is wearing his favorite blue shirt with collar, his favorite fringed scarf, and his favorite knit vest with hand embroidered pockets.

Spike A Peek is actually the most rambunctious of the Egg Muffs and, generally, the least level headed. He always lets the fun get the better of him and finds that, more often then not, he's in the "Muff House" (the Egg Muff Series version of a doghouse) being "muffed!" This is also known as a "time-out!"

Spike A Peek doesn't use his "time-out" and being "muffed" wisely. He uses it as an opportunity to think up his next prank. The one he's going to play on Tom A. Hawk.

Spike A. Peek -The Egg Muff Series Handmade Country Boy Doll (B)

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