Wednesday, January 31, 2018

HERE'S AN IDEA - Customized Party Invitations,Customized Return Address Labels, Thank You Cards, Matching Envelopes and Matching Postage Stamps

You've decided to have a birthday crafting party and want to make it really, really special. What better way to do this than with customized birthday party invitations, postcards, return address labels, envelopes and postage stamps that match all your decorations.

We have several invitations styles to choose from. They all complement and coordinate with the rest of the products in our "It's Raining Doll Parties" website.

The invitations, envelopes and matching return address labels can all be personalized.

We even have customized thank you cards that can be personalized as well to send afterwards. My mother taught me early on that you should always thank someone for the gifts you have received.  So, as a child when I learned how to write she showed me how to make a thank-you note and then how to mail it.  Today it's still important to teach children to say "thank-you" for the birthday crafting party gifts they have received but with time being of the essence a little help goes a long way. What better way to teach them then providing them with pre-printed thank-you cards, matching envelopes, return address labels,  and postage. They can say whatever they want in their card and then mail it to the recipient.  It doesn't get much easier then that.

So, if you're looking for adorable invitations, postcards, thank you cards, return address labels, postage and envelopes for your birthday crafting party to match the rest of your "It's Raining Doll Parties" decorations we have lots to choose from, as follows:

Personalized invitations, envelopes, return address labels, thank you cards and even stamps. How great is that?

HERE'S AN IDEA - Party Cup Decorative Stickers For Decorating and Party Activity Fun

One of the e-printables that I had thought of creating for "It's Raining Doll Parties" was cup wrappers.  However, when I was looking at all the different cup sizes that are available I decided there was no way I could create cup wrappers to fit all the different sizes.  So, I decided to create stickers of the Hawk Family or Sneaks Family that could be applied to any size party cup.  Just peel them from the label sheet and stick to the front of the party cups.

It looking at the stickers I thought they could also be used for all sorts of decorating purposes as well as for party activity purposes.  Use them to decorate your gifts or party favor bags and boxes.

Add them to the top of plain white sheets of paper and have your party guests test their drawing skills by drawing and coloring the sticker images on their plain piece of paper.  That should keep them busy for awhile.

The stickers I've designed so far for the Hawk family and Sneaks family are as follows:

I will be designing more stickers in the near future so stay tuned.  Party Stickers for decorating purposes and party activity fun.  What a great idea!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

2 in 1 Hawk Family Doll Party Free E-Printable Candy Dish Trio and Linda's How-Do-I Series? How To Make Our Hawk Family E-Printable Candy Dish Free E-Book Tutorial

Kids love candy and what could be cuter than serving candy in adorable individual place setting candy dishes that match all the decorations for the Hawk Family doll crafting party? Our adorable e-printable candy dishes e-printable contains graphics of all eleven children of the "It's Raining Doll Parties" Hawk Family on three separate candy dishes.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

2 in 1 Hawk Family Free E-Printable Chain Link Garland Decoration and Linda's How-Do-I Series? How To Make Our Hawk Family E-Printable Chain Link Garland Decoration Free E-Book Tutorial

I can remember making chain link paper decorations as a kid.  If you can, too, and are looking for an adorable decoration for your doll birthday crafting party then you'll love our adorable e-printable chain link garland decoration that contains graphics of all eleven children of the "It's Raining Doll Parties" Hawk Family.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Hawk Family Doll Party E-Printable Free Made By Me Tags and Linda's How-Do-I Series? Step-by-Step Guide For Making Our It's Raining Doll Parties E-Printable Made By Me Tag Free E-Book Tutorial

Children just love showing off what they made especially when they can add an adorable "Made By me" tag.? If you agree then you'll love our adorable e-printable Hawk Family E-Printable Made By Me Tags that contain graphics of all eleven children of the "It's Raining Doll Parties" Hawk Family on one sheet.

Supplies Needed:

Download - It's Raining Doll Parties E-Printable Free Made By Me Tags and How-To E-Book - .PDF Format 


Cardstock or Heavier Weight Paper
Color Laser Printer
One-Hole Punch
DMC Embroidery Floss


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Dollie Jigsaw Puzzle Fun!

The"dollies" just LOVE to play especially if they're doing jigsaw puzzles. They love creating their own jigsaw puzzles on their "It's Raining Doll Parties Products Gallery" and are always bugging Linda to create a new one so they can buy it. Here's what Linda and the "dollies" have created for their "It's Raining Doll Parties Products Gallery"  so far:

Here's what Linda and the "dollies" have created for their LOVE Jigsaw Puzzles Products Collection so far:
Bring on the jigsaw puzzles.  We LOVE them.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

HERE'S AN IDEA - Fast and Easy Cut and Sew Dolls Is A Great Way To Teach Kids How To Sew

When I was designing my cut and sew dolls I couldn't help but think about my own experiences as a child learning how to sew and thought that cut and sew dolls would not only be a good way to teach a young child how to hand sew but also how to teach them how to machine sew as the cut and sew dolls could be put together either way. Plus, children quickly see the results of their efforts.

My mother and her best friend taught me how to sew when I was about ten years old. First they made me practice sewing two pieces of fabric together by hand until my running stitches were even and I knew the difference between a running stitch, straight stitch, back-stitch, etc. Then they explained the various types of stitches and their use and some of the sewing terminology.

I, of course, was anxious to start with the sewing machine. Just let me make something.  They tried to explain that I needed to master the hand stitches before moving on to the sewing machine. I couldn't understand why back then. I can now.  I wanted to create something right then and there.

When they were happy with my hand sewing I moved on to the sewing machine. First they explained how the machine worked, the different parts of the machine, the different machine heads, the different stitches, winding bobbins, etc. I couldn't move on until I knew this. I had no idea when I wanted to learn how to sew how much I needed to learn first. I was ready to go. Let me at the sewing machine - now.

Finally, the day came when I was allowed to start my machine sewing - or so I thought. Au contraire!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

HERE'S AN IDEA - Jigsaw Puzzles To Entertain Your Doll Birthday Crafting Party Guests

Two of the products I created for my "It's Raining Doll Parties Products Gallery" included three jigsaw puzzles with graphics that I had designed of the Hawk Family. One of the puzzles has the Hawk family children graphics on hearts, one has their square fabric images on it, and one has the Hawk Family graphics with the words "It's Raining Doll Parties" on it.

The jigsaw puzzles come in two sizes: 8" by 10" puzzle in gift box and 10" by 14" puzzle with 252 pieces. The pieces are made of sturdy cardboard and mounted on chipboard and are printed in vivid colors with easy wipe clean surfaces. I decided to try two of the 10" by 14" size puzzles and ordered two of them.

When they arrived I was anxious to try them as I LOVE puzzles of all sorts and have since I was a child. Give me a puzzle to put together, a crossword puzzle to solve, Rubiks cube, three dimensional puzzle of the Empire State Building, etc. and I will work on it until I've finished it or solved it. I spent hours one weekend when I was a teenager solving the Rubiks cube. I worked on it and worked on it and worked on it until I solved it. Sounds a little obsessive compulsive doesn't it?

When I was a child I also adored spending hours on end putting jigsaw puzzles together. My mother did too and we spent many hours over the years sitting side by side doing our jigsaw puzzles. I was thrilled when the Monet impressionist paintings jigsaw puzzles first came out as they were harder to do. I was so in love with puzzles I even glued and mounted some of them on cardboard to hang on the walls in my room. I can't remember what the puzzles were - probably images of movie stars like Robert Goulet or Doris Day or the early rock bands like Hermans Hermits, Dave Clark Five, etc. Who knows. I'm definitely dating myself here.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

HERE'S AN IDEA - Sports, Games, and Toys For Party Entertainment and Gifts

If you're hosting a children's birthday party you  need all sorts of activities to keep the kids busy, like: soccer games, basketball games, football games, baseball games, street hockey games, beanbag games and indoor mini basketball games.  They might also like solving puzzles. playing Frisbee, backgammon, card games and darts.  They might also like coloring, drawing, and word games.   If you're hosting a beach birthday party you might need towels, hats, sunglasses, flip flops and water bottles for the kids.

Shown above are the sports, games and toy custom products for Nicholas Fast Ball Sneaks.  However, each of the Sneaks family boys, Hawk family boys, Hawk family girls, and Hawk family parents all have their own custom designed products.  And, both the Sneaks family and Hawk families have their own group custom product designs.  Lots of products and lots of themes for the perfect birthday party.

So, here's an idea -  why not provide sports, games, and toys for your party entertainment and/or gifts?  Everything to match the theme of your birthday party.

New Custom Fabric Designs For The Sneaks Family

The "Sneaks" and I have been busy lately adding new designs to their custom fabric line.  It's always find working with the "Sneaks."  You never know what they might be up to.

Shown above are all the new fabric designs that we have in our The Sneaks Family Fabric Designs Collection. We hope you and your guests enjoy making many, many things for your girls or boys birthday crafting party.

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