Saturday, January 26, 2019

HERE'S AN IDEA - Birthday Pool Parties or Beach Parties

Whenever I think about growing up I'm instantly brought back to memories of the first 8 years of my life growing up in Nahant. It was a beach town and heaven on earth to me.  I never wanted to leave.

If you don't know where Nahant is it is a very small island on the coast of Massachusetts, just north of Boston. It is actually two small islands, Big and Little Nahant. It's connected to Lynn via a sand dune causeway and connected to each other via another causeway.

I wrote about growing up in Nahant on my Linda's Blog in a post entitled, "A Reminder Of A Childhood Heaven On Earth Or Monsters Everywhere - Nahant."  I hope you like reading it.

I lived at the beach until I was 8 years old and can remember beach parties from that time as well as from my teenage years.  I can also remember pool parties as well.

It was always a lot of fun playing cards, playing Frisbee, splashing in the water, drying off with my beach towels, walking around on the hot sand with my flip flops and sunbathing on a big blanket.  Fun times I will always remember.

So, I thought, "why not have birthday beach or pool parties! How much fun would that be?"

With that in mind the Hawk Family and Sneaks Family decided to put together a birthday pool parties or beach parties collection.  Here's what they added:

Birthday pool parties or beach parties.  What a great idea!  Don't forget your sunscreen!

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